The search for an affordable home swimming pool

I’d always dreamed of one day having my own heated pool at home but that’s just what it seemed; A dream! Any time I looked at what was available the high cost and sheer scale of most SwimSpas meant it was way out of reach. Even the cheapest available pools for home use cost over €20k and then you’d need a very large space and to hire a crane to manoeuver them into place. Frankly out of our reach!

And yet I still dreamed…..until December 2016 when my shoulder surgeon announced, having viewed several mri scans, that to avoid further surgery I would have to start swimming. And that was all the licence I needed  to justify our investment lol!

And so when I came across the iPool system I knew that at 7ft x 10ft we could manage to fit it into our home and so we took the plunge!

Our very own heated saltwater swimming pool at home!!

We ordered our own pool from America, put it up in less than 2 hours and loved it so much that we decided to introduce it to Europe! We realised that many people like us dream of having their own pool but can neither afford the €20k cost nor the large space usually needed. And so we became the European iPool distributors creating our own complete package with EU compliant electrics and door to door delivery for just €4500.

And you thought owning your own pool was an unattainable luxury!!

I simply cannot overstate the pleasure that owning my own heated saltwater pool at home brings me.

Being able to swim whenever suits me – being able to just relax when I want and to have fun or even exercise when and if I choose! My commute is simply down the stairs with no traffic and no public changing rooms!! And because the pool is saltwater I don’t even need to shower afterwards!

And the fun & joy it brings our family – every weekend is like being on holiday as we play in the pool for hours!

When we had a very rare snow day the kids even enjoyed heating up in the pool afterwards! It was hard to see them for the steam!! (by the way they’re not all mine! Our own kid’s many friends are regular visitors – so much so that sometimes we have to restrict access to 6 at a time lol!)

I have to say it stills feels so luxurious to be able to swim every day whenever suits me in my own heated pool at home – the morning sunlight dappling through the water is gorgeous. Even more indulgent though is swimming in my own warm pool when it’s cold and the rain is battering against the roof – my private escape!!

And I love having a business where we can make a difference in people’s lives – to their health & fitness, enjoyment and wellbeing.

Carmel Kikkers