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New Year, New You

Swim into Fitness for 2019

Every new year, brings new resolutions and hopes for a better you. Wether its getting fitter or simply taking it easy and being more mindful, a new start is always a good thing!

A Healthy Convenience 

Sometimes new year promises however do not last. The task of driving to the gym, or going out in the cold loses its appeal very quick!  With your very own SwimFitPool, you can swim, relax, rehabilitate and exercise in your own pool in your own home! What could be easier than simply walking a few feet to your own heated pool.

New Year Fitness Motivation

Motivation to exercise becomes increased with the removal of unnecessary travel or expenses. Forgo the laps of the local swimming pool for your own pool laps courtesy of our unique patented swim harness. Adjusting the resistance can really put you through the paces and challenge you too!

Fun for all the family

Having your own pool in your own home benefits the whole family too! The kids will have hours of fun in the heated salt water.

New Year Challenge

This year, why not challenge your perceptions of what constitutes a new you and how to achieve your goals. Upon purchasing an iPool from SwimFitPool, you immediately see the following benefits:

  • A place to relax, rehabilitate and recover
  • A warm, safe environment to exercise
  • Your own pool for the whole family to enjoy
  • Cost effective heating and easy to install
  • Durable and strong pool material
  • No travelling to an in ground swimming pool
  • Minimal chlorine as the pool is salt water based

Need to know more?

Treat your body, mind and soul this year with SwimFitPool! Why not call us for a no obligation chat about our pools? Call Jacko or Carmel now on  02030 260 617 or email ask@swimfitpool.co.uk

Your body will thank you for it!

Need to know more?

Our SwimFit Pools are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, in any number of places including conservatories, small rooms, outdoor shed wherever works for you! Find out more here or call Jacko or Carmel now on Tel: 0 2030 260 617 or email ask@swimfitpool.co.uk

Your body will thank you for it!