A New Innovation For Resistance Swimming: The Unique Patented Dual Tether Harness

Better Resistance Swimming Actually Superior To Jets!

Imagine being restricted to a 2m wide current that you must follow. The noisy 5 hp motors wake up your spouse and neighbors every time you use it in the morning and you can’t actually relax and swim with your eyes closed because you have to pay attention to where you are and where the current is. The jets in your face are uncomfortable but you try to relax while you frantically swim to fight the current.

There’s a better way.

The unique patented iPool Swim Harness allows endless resistance swimming in your own pool without having to worry about jets blasting your face or having to replace an expensive motor every few years. Get more fit and improve your swim stroke with a better swimming experience that comes from behind you. Feel more energized in your own private home swimming pool that you can set up and take down within 1-2 hours and safely store when you don’t need it. Unlike bulky and heavy swim spas and other swimming machines you do not need a team of installers or a crane to transport and install the pool. The Dual Tether Swim Harness is easy to assemble and use and suitable for any swimmer from beginner to accomplished athlete.

Unlike motorized swimspas and Endless Pools the unique Dual Tether system can be readily calibrated to adjust the support & resistance and allows any swim stroke including backstroke & even butterfly. The patented arch frame and double tether design gives you a superior swimming experience while keeping you suspended while moving so your hands and feet do not touch the walls. You won’t have to worry about hitting your head by accident or keeping your eyes alert and open unlike typical pools that rely on jets. Enjoy the experience of swimming feel invigorated by the soothing warm water the Dual Tether system gives you a swimming experience more like a hike instead of the boring water treadmill that a motorized pool offers.  Feel invigorated when you finish your swim workout instead of struggling with the machine pushing you back.

Unlike conventional swimspa jets the Dual Tether system can offer stronger resistance that will bring more tone to your muscles and burn more calories. Water is already much denser than air and swimming allows you to exercise all the muscles in your body as well as strengthen your heart and lungs. Instead of fighting a current mechanical resistance can allow you to systematically improve your swim stroke and form as well as strengthen all the muscles of your body for a healthier and more fit you!

The focus on resistance swimming lets us provide a fully functional exercise therapy and swimming pool at far less the average cost without the expensive additional installation and maintenance fees. Even better, our resistance swimming pools are portable and salt water system compatible. Typical swimming machines and Endless Pools have difficulty using saltwater systems but the resistance swimming pool iPool has no issues! The clever design and sturdy river rafting liner gives you all the benefits of a typical swim spa or water treadmill and much, much more!

Our Dual Tether system also allows such diversity that anyone below 7 feet tall including children can safely swim in the same pool that also offers stronger swimmers a challenge. By adjusting the knobs which control the placement of the bungee cords you can easily change the level of resistance. Calibration from 90 degrees for a relaxed swim or a beginner down to 45 degrees for resistance that even Olympic level swimmers find challenging!

home resistance swimming ipoolAnd of course as you aren’t competing with a jet of water powering towards your head you can simply vary your speed and intensity as suits you. With no potentially dangerous jet of water ready to push an unwary swimmer downwards you are free to swim any stroke you desire, even the backstroke & butterfly!!!

The Harness fits comfortably around your waist and supports your body’s weight – it circles your waist clipping to the front and the girth can be adjusted easily with Velcro straps. Although we find that one size fits our whole family from age 9 to 49!!

You might be asking what makes the dual tether system different than the typical steel pole belt tether you see everywhere else? Our Dual Tether System lets the whole family including pets and children to be able to swim in an easy, supported and safe environment. We offer much finer and more calibrated resistance settings instead of the typical jet motor. Imagine going to the gym and to your disappointment finding one set of dumbbells, that is either too hard or too easy for you. Now with the Dual Tether system you can finely calibrate how much you want for a whole variety of different aquatic exercises. I must admit that one of my favourite things to do is float lazily while being gently supported by the harness – just my little reward for my exercise!!

Best of all, the iPool Swim & iPool Fit are uniquely affordable resistance pools which cost a fraction of the cost of a bulky swim spa! To see how they work check out the video below!

So go ahead – I know you’ll enjoy having your own heated exercise pool at home just as much as we do!!